Friday, April 15, 2011

Infobarrel Allows Choice of Adsense Ad Type

I just sat down with my cup of coffee and after perusing the WAHM forums, I decided to have a quick look at the Infobarrel forums (something I've been doing frequently since I began my Infobarrel experiment). I saw a post that caught my eye, and it reminded me of why I love writing for the site so much. My earnings aren't great yet (they will be), but the site's owners are wonderful and they really do listen to their writers. As of today, you now have a choice as to what type of Adsense ads display on your articles.

You can choose text ads, text and image ads, or image ads. Simply head on over to "My Account" and choose "Advertising Profile," then click on "Google Adsense Ad Type." If you aren't sure which one to choose, you can just leave the default setting of text and image ads, although I highly recommend changing to text only ads. In my experience, people are more likely to click on text ads, plus you get more ads per page that way. Perhaps you'd like to experiment with different ad formats to see which ones make the most money for you, and now you have that option.

The writers at Infobarrel have been asking for this feature for the past week or so, and I was extremely surprised to see the site's admin actually deliver. After writing for websites that treat their writers like their wishes don't matter, it's refreshing to feel like you're actually valued as a contributor. It makes me happy that I chose to write for the site, and I'm excited to see where it goes in the future.

If you haven't signed up for Infobarrel, I highly recommend it. If you were a writer for eHow, you were probably spoiled because it was so easy to earn there. Infobarrel doesn't have the same authority as eHow, so you'll have to work harder to make the same amount of money on the site. This means performing good keyword research, creating backlinks and promoting your work. However, I think it's worth it if you're looking for a good revenue sharing site on which to publish your content. After all, it's still going to be less work than publishing on your own sites, since you can leverage the authority that Infobarrel already has and you aren't starting from absolute scratch.

That being said, always remember to diversify. Perhaps a mix of revenue share sites and your own sites is a good way to go. For the residual income newbie, however, revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel are perhaps the best place to get your feet wet and really learn how to earn money online.


  1. Thanks for another great post, Willow.

    I have a question - do you ever write revenue Share articles for eHow with titles of your own creation?

    And do you still backlink your old ehow titles?

    Anyway, I am going to check infobarrel out - they seem pretty cool.

  2. Hi Simon.

    I do not write rev share articles for eHow through Demand Studios. I have thought about it, but every single topic on which I want to write has been done to death on eHow already. Because eHow likes to take down duplicate titles (and even similar titles), I fear that if I did write an article of my choosing with a slightly different title, it would just be removed later. I hope that makes sense, but that's my reason for not continuing to write for the site through my Demand account. It's just too hard to find titles that haven't been written and topics that haven't been done since the site is so large.

    To answer your second question, I do not still backlink my old eHow articles. I'm focusing my efforts elsewhere since I already make so much there.

    I hope you do try out Infobarrel. My earnings are still miniscule there, but after a few months of backlinking, I suspect I'll make a pretty penny from my articles. It's not easy no matter where you publish these days, but if you're willing to put in the work, I believe you can still really profit from rev share sites.

  3. Hey Willow!

    Thanks for such a quick and informative response - your answer makes total sense and was very helpful.

    I will definitely try Infobarrel - I signed up today and spent the morning gathering keywords. I planning on drawing up a spread sheet of tasks after I post this reply.

    Revenue share sites are my short-term residual income plan, and a few sites of my own, built up over time, are my long-term plan. Visions of ebooks and drop-ship companies dance in my head, but for now I am just writing, writing, writing.

    The blogs attached to my blogger account are some funny examples of my first attempt at residual income online - inspired by Grizzly Brears - but they are embarrassing to me now. I have dropped them but am learning more and more by reading blogs like yours. Thanks again!


  4. Hi Simon,

    My goals for the short term are also revenue share sites, and my long term goals are sites of my own (well, hopefully just one or two really good sites of my own). I think it's a good idea to diversify in this way, but rev share sites can give you faster results to keep you motivated while you quietly build up your own empire in the background. :)

    My first attempts at residual income are also embarrassing - namely my Associated Content drivel and some niche blogs that didn't do so well. It wasn't until I started writing for eHow (and joined the Keyword Academy) that I began to really learn about SEO. And now I learn more every day. The trick is to just keep going, trying your best and learning what works and what doesn't from your own experience.

    Good luck to you on your journey and I'm glad I was able to help in some small way. :)